When coordinating efforts on a larger scale, the Ranger unit depends on its Sergeant. The Sergeant coordinates tactics and strategy for the Ranger unit, assigning tasks to the most qualified Rangers for the particular job. The Sergeant will usually command four to six Rangers. Once again, Sergeants point the way to their assigned Rangers. The White Star, representative of the Stars on the Flags of both Arnor and Gondor show authority of a higher nature.

The Company Captain is responsible for the entire Company of Rangers operating in a certain area usually no more than 50 square miles. The insignia for this rank is three gold arrows with one White Star above signifying the guiding force that lights the way.

Traditionally, Aragorn and his ancestors were the Chieftains of the Dunedain in the North. However, when Aragorn became King Elessar, he probably would have needed someone to take over his "Chieftain" duties. In this regard, the Ranger Chieftain becomes an overall "General" for the Rangers throughout the Reunited Kingdom. Traditionally, King Elessar would probably choose one of the Rangers of the North to hold this post - someone like Halbarad of the Grey Company.

The Ranger Lieutenant commands two of more units of Rangers. Sergeants will report directly to the Lieutenant who in turn supervises the operations to be assigned to the individual units. The insignia for the Lieutenant is two crossed arrows symbolizing that the Lieutenant must often look beyond one individual unit and look to the overall safety of the Company.

The Captain-General coordinates the Rangers operations over an entire region. In the Reunited Kingdom, there would have probably been four to six of them commanding various Ranger groupings throughout the Kingdom. In terms of The Lord of the Rings, Boromir and Faramir probably held this equivalent ranking.

The Unit Captain is responsible for the units under his or her command, usually four to six. The Captain's insignia is three crossed arrows, showing that responsibility is to the individual units, the Company and to the Kingdom itself.

Like Faramir, Aragorn / King Elessar would always remain a Ranger and would always hold the hereditary title of Chieftain of the Dunedain. When operating as a Ranger in the field, the King wears this insignia with three gold arrows crossed and the Seven Stars of Gondor with the Crown above.

One would not doubt that Faramir would always remain a Ranger. As Prince of Ithilien, Faramir the the Commander-in-Chief of the Rangers of Ithilien. His insignia bears the gold arrows, Seven White Stars and the Coat of Arms of Ithilien above.

‚ÄčThe Ranger is the epitome of the woodland warrior. The Rangers of Ithilien had been chosen by the Stewards from the descendants of the original inhabitants of Ithilien and they were also of Dunedain blood. The Rangers of the North were also Dunedain, of more pure blood than the Gondorians of the South.

We have chosen the oak leaf to represent the Ranger. The oak of all trees is the watcher. It stands when all others fail. But as stout as the mighty oak is, it still depends on its individual leaves to collect water and shield it from harsh sun. One leaf does not make a tree and so it is imperative that the Rangers act as a team, the leaves that support the whole tree which is the Reunited Kingdom.

In the Lord of the Rings, there is no real rank structure given to the Rangers that we can for sure document. We do know that Faramir was their Captain but "Captain" is used in a lot of different contexts to describe various leaders. For example, Aragorn is called "Captain of the Hosts of the West" which in this regard would be more of a General. We have taken some license and used more traditional military structure to provide our rankings. There are Sindarin and Westron words for various types of soldiers but to ease confusion, we have elected to use the structure described below.

The Ranger Corporal leads a scouting party for the Ranger Unit. When only four Rangers go out, it is the Corporal who leads them. The symbol for this rank is one arrow. The bow is the primary ranged weapon for the Ranger unit and it is the Corporal who points the way.